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Decision No. 165 / Date: 11-5-2006Rural Damascus Governorate, the president of the Adra Industrial City Council.
– According to the provisions of the Local Administration Law No.15 of 1971.
According to the Legislative Decree No.57 of 2004 –
– According to the provisions Investment Scheme issued by Decision 790 of 8-5-2006.

The following has been decided:Article (1):After reviewing the expected cost of the first phase infrastructure work; which showed that the cost of the infrastructure and the executed work in this phase , in addition to the cost of possessing the land was 1024 sp per meter square; and the full support of the investment council, which is made up of a group of the first phase investors who were the first to invest in the city, the city council has decided that the cost of the allotted plots is only 1000sp per meter square. The left amount of the cost will be added to the infrastructure work of the second phase. This price per meter square is applied on all the allotted plots before the adopted date, however, plots of the first phase are exempted.Article (2):The additional coast, for investors who chose to pay in installments, will be collected on two installments without any interest The first one after six months of the last installment been paid of the total price of the allotted plot in the contract, while the second one is due after six month of the first one. There is a 1% delaying fine for each day.Article(3):For those who paid in cash, the additional cost will be collected on two installments without any interest. The first one after six months the payment, while the second one is due after six months of the first one. There is a 1% delaying fine for each day.Article (4):The 900 sp price , which is adopted as an initial price for the second phase, should not exceed 25%. This price includes: lightening, roads, sewer, construction , potable water, parks, mechanical work, administrative expanses, the land price, and loans interest( if applicable).The cost of the power station has to be paid by the plots based on the required capacity of units ( K-F-A).Article (5):The weighted average mentioned in the committee record is applied as the one for the first phase plots.The prices according to plots location:



Plot location




On  a main road




On two main roads


 The same

On a minor road




On two minor roads




On a main and a minor road


The increase is  only considered for one  property


– On  green area
– Extra park
-Has a view 




On a sidewalk


The weighted average according to plot area:
The weighted average on the price per square meter is determined by inversing proportional with the plot area as follows:
The 600 square meter area is the comparative one, for it is the most common area in the industrial cities .Therefore , the weighted average is / 1/.
– The weighted average for an area bigger than 6000 square meter = (plot area/ 6000 % / as a decreasing percentage.
– The weighted average for an area smaller than 6000 square meter = ( 6000% plot area) increasing percentage.Article (7):The final weighted average shall not exceed 25%, as increasing or decreasing.Article(8) :The city council shall determine the way of distributing, In case there was extra power at the power station.Article (9):The cost of the water and wastewater plants shall not be a applied in general, however, it shall be applied to the consumption by one square meter.Article (10):The second phase price shall be applied to all the later leased plots in the first and second phases right from the issuing date, while the final price shall be determined at the first quarter of 2008.Article (11):This decision shall be informed to whom it may concern to be implemented. Legislative Decree No. 26 of 2003 The legislative decree no. 26 of 2003 stats the following:
((It shall be permissible for all the plots owners in the industrial cities to lease their plots after they have been constructed and invested them.)
– It shall be permissible for investors to include or exclude shareholders, and to amendment the license, in compliance with the rules and provisions of the legislative decree no.26 of 2003. AS long as it is not a covering up for leasing or renting process; or a process of canceling , dividing, or judicial, compliant splitting of the partnership which lead to the division of the plot of the allotted plots.


Conditions as follows:
1- The allotment decision shall be amendment before any amendments of the industrial license decision or the decision of complying with investment law no. 10 of 1991.
2- The new partner’s dividend shall not exceed 49% of the company’s capital. Or the plot the shall be granted from the ———— from the allotted owner, as long as he gets it back when the partnership been canceled .
3- The partnership contract shall include all the company’s land, building equipment …. .). It shall be registered in the commercial record
4- An undertaking by all the partners certified by a judicial writer that hey shall not
5- Under whatever conditions, the partner or the main partners’ dividend, shall not be less than 51%.
6- An undertaking by the partners certified by a judicial writer states: in case they want to break the partnership, before the enterprise is constructed and invested as licensed for, the plot or the plots will be given to the partners, who already have been granted the allotment or one of them, as a whole and without any partitions, and also it shall include the partnership contract that presented to the city.
7- It shall be permissible to exclude one partner or more from the main owners, who have been allotted with the plot, or a new partner, on a condition that their ownership be transferred to the other partners, who are allotted with the plot, and the new partner( if applicable) according to the previous conditions. Decision No. 455Rural Damascus Governorate, the president of the Adra Industrial City Council.
According to the provisions of the Local Administrative Law No./ 15/ of 1971.
And the provisions of the industrial cities establishment decree no. 57 of 2004.
And the provisions of the investment law no. 790/k of 12/4/2005.
And the decision no . / 453 /of 18/10/2007
And what’s been concluded in the city council meeting, session no.10 of 30/12/2008.
And the public interest.

The following has been decided:
Article (1): The final cost by square meter is 2000 sp since 1/1/2009
Article (2): The weighted average for the sales plots is adopted according to article no./ 5/ of decision no./ 165/ of 11/5/2006.
Article (3): The final price for sales plots before this date is calculated according to Investment system in Adra Industrial City
Article (4): All decisions that don’t go accordingly are terminated.
Article (5) : This decision shall be informed to whom it may concern to be implemented.